Clonee Wax Melts Buddha Pack

Luxury Scented Hand Poured Wax Melts

Clonee Wax Melts is a local Dublin 15 based business, offering Wax melts, Wax Melt gift packs and Wax Melt Burners, offering over 60 scents. Our melts come in the form of Snap Bars using 100% natural and sustainable Soy Wax. All of our Melts are CLP compliant so meet all of the necessary regulatory requirements.


Over 60 scents in our range:


Amber & Sweet Orange
Avo Bath Fizz
Baby Bath Baby Powder
Baby Powder
Black Opium
Black Pomegranate
Black Raspberry & Vanilla
Bliss Unstopables Blue Lenor
Bora Bora
Chanel No 5
Cheery Blossom & SweetPea
CoCo Chanel Mademoiselle
Cola Flavour
Comfort inspired Honey Suckle & Sandalwood
Comfort inspired Snapdragon and Patchouli
Creed Aventus Creed Irish Tweed
Dior Sauvage
Dream Unstoppables
English Pear & Freesia – Jo Malone
Fairy Laundry
Fifty Shades
Fresh Cotton
Fresh Linen
Fresh Unstopables
Fresh Unstoppables
Glade Pink Peony
La Ve Este Belle Lavender
Lavish Unstoppables
Lemon & Lavender
Lenor Gold Orchid
Lenor Ruby & Jasmine
Lily of the Valley
Lime Basil & Mandarin – Jo Malone
Mandarin & Orange
Paco Rabanne Lady Million
Paco Rabanne Olympéa
Paco Robanne 1 million
Paco Robanne Invictus
Pear Drops
Pink Sands
Snow Fairy
Spring Unstoppables
Strawberry & Lily
SunKissed Unstoppables
Sweet Fluffy Towels
Thai Lime and Mango – Jo Malone
Thierry Mugler Alien
Vanilla patchouli & Sandalwood
Velvet Rose and Oude
White Dove
Wild LemonGrass
Zoflora BlueBell Woods
Zoflora Country Garden
Zoflora Mountain Air
Zoflora Twilight Garden

Our Selection of Burners

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